Bartlee Norton

Lead singer Bartlee Norton was born skipping rocks and treading creeks in the small country town of Cleveland, TN. He didn’t just learn country as a rite of passage, he grew up country.
Bartlee’s first recollection of the music which came to inspire him was listening to Southern Gospel on the back pew of his home church. It was in this same church pew where Bartlee began dreaming about performing for people. This dream became an obsession which has shaped most of his adult life.
His dream of sharing music sprang to life in 2005 when he recorded his first music demo and began touring the rodeo circuit performing for thousands at each event. Two years later Bartlee released his first full length album self titled Bartlee Norton. In 2010 Bartlee decided he was tired of singing by himself and decided to form a band. The resulting 64 Highway has been the catalyst to boost his career to the next level.
What started as a dream in that small town in Tennessee has now become reality. Bartlee’s ever growing fan base seeks every opportunity to hear the next new song.
Bart currently resides in Cleveland, TN with his beautiful wife and three children.