Jake Ketterer

Drummer Jake Ketterer was born in Chattanooga, TN in 1980. He spent most of his childhood moving around the South as his father pursued a Masters degree in music.

Jake was the third of four children and the family was always singing and playing music.

“It was an everyday part of our lives,” Jake says.

At 6 he was driving his parents nuts banging on pots and pans so they bought him a drum kit with paper heads. The heads were destroyed the same day!

A few years later at age 14, Jake’s step father Ronnie Norton saw his son’s talent and bought him his first real drum kit.

Jake started playing music with his church youth group and developed a love for worship music. He dove headfirst into the local music scene playing in several bands.

Jake has shared the stage with musicians such as Toby Mac, Jeremy Camp, Third Day, Skillet and Bo Bice. He has lived in the South his whole life and considers himself a country boy through and through! Southern liven is his way of life!