Josh Harris

Guitarist Josh Harris Grew up in the tiny town of Benton TN. Born into a family of musicians, Josh grew up listening and playing bluegrass, southern rock, folk and gospel. He picked up his first guitar at the age 11 and because of his families tradition of gathering to play music he found his talent developing quickly.

Musical development was considered normal in Josh’s family and heavy emphasis was placed on learning individual parts and playing with precision. Josh joined his first band at 17 and started collaborating with 64 Highway drummer Jake Ketterer the next year. He and Jake have played together in different musical groups almost exclusively ever since. Josh met 64 Highway guitarist Ian Porter in 2001 and he, Jake and Ian have played together in several groups before finally coming together with Bartlee Norton to form 64 Highway in 2010.

Josh’s musical influences include James Taylor, John Mellencamp, Steve Earl, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jackson Browne, all good bluegrass and more.